My Aspirations for My Children


Each Father’s Day our church asks several of the men of the congregation to speak for a short time. ┬áIn 2003 I was asked to speak on the subject My Aspirations for My Children.

I want my children to know God through Christ and to want to love and please Him.

I want them to have love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, humility, and self-control.

I want them to have the presence of God’s spirit and to be a good witness wherever they are and to have people sense the presence of the Lord in their lives.

I want them to have a sound understanding of the various areas of education.

I want them to learn to love to read.

I want them to develop powers of concentration like you have when you’re a child when you can be working on something and somebody walks into the room and you don’t even know that they’ve come in.

I want them to learn to think and to reason correctly.

I want them to learn to cry out for wisdom and understanding as it talks about in Proverbs 2.

I want them to be patriotic. I want their hearts to swell with pride when they hear the National Anthem; and I want them to feel the loss of others when Taps is played.

I want them to feel reverence in their heart for things that should be revered.

I want them to have manners and a sense of what’s proper – to know that there’s a time to laugh and a time to cry, to know that ladies first is not just a saying; and to know that they should stand and see someone to the door when they’ve been a guest in their home and they’re taking their leave.

I want them to have a sense of justice balanced with mercy.

I want them to be courageous. Courage is admirable in both boys and girls, in both women and in men.

I want them to understand what God said in Genesis when he gave the Dominion Covenant to Adam to take dominion over the earth and to steward the things that are here. And in that I want them to love to work and to know that if you love what you do the money will take care of itself and you won’t have to strive for money.

I want them to have confidence balanced with humility.

I want them to be selfless and to understand that sacrifice and even suffering are necessary.

I want them to honor their parents and to love their brothers and sisters; and I would like there to be a friendship between us as parents and children knowing that they have other friends as well.

I would like them to have respect for people and things, particularly the elderly.

I would like them to be encouragers of others.

I want them to show themselves friendly.

I would like to see them have a willingness to volunteer.

I want them to be grateful for things big and small.

I want them to be givers of money and resources to the Lord’s work and to other worthy causes.

I want the girls to love being girls and the boys to love being boys.

I want the girls to be ladies and the boys to be gentlemen.

I want them to love truth and to be strong in spirit; and finally, to do justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly before God.

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