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Free SSL/TLS through Let’s Encrypt

I just set up my first SSL certificate from Lets Encrypt.  An easy way to create the certificate is via ZeroSSL.  Lets Encrypt certificates last only 90 days (this is for added security), but they also provide a way to AUTOMATICALLY renew the certificate before the 90 days is up.  After installing the certificate, go to the LetsEncrypt Getting Started page and follow the easy instructions on how to install their certbot on your server.  The certbot will automatically renew the certificate before the 90 days expires.  Also, if you use WHM and/or CPanel, getting a Let’s Encrypt Certificate through CPanel is about to become even more streamlined.

Let’s Encrypt is a great service for basic domain validation, but if you need extended domain validation, I highly recommend my registrar, NameCheap.  They have an extremely well-designed user interface so that managing certificates (or domain names) is very straightforward.  As their name implies, their domain names are very affordable, but I must say that their administration site and their service is far better than the word “cheap” implies – both really are outstanding.

Embarcadero XE2 Rollout

Yesterday I attended the Embarcadero XE2 conference in Arlington, Virginia.  I’m still trying to determine if it would be worthwhile to upgrade from Delphi 2006.  I really like the LiveBindings implementation and FireMonkey, but I didn’t hear a single reference to MVC.  I also asked if they have the capability to define the object model and then migrate it into a database schema automatically as you can do with Django/Python, and the answer was No.  If they would implement this easy database creation functionality that is available via Django, as well as Better GUI Separation and Abstraction , i.e. MVC, then the upgrade decision would be easy.