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Intrepid Traveller

My drive to work is 45 minutes, and the majority of it is on an interstate at 70 mph.  Yesterday afternoon I ran a short errand (nearly five miles round trip), and after work I drove about a quarter of a mile to a relative’s for a get together.  When I was driving back their driveway I heard what sounded like a cat meowing several times.  When I got there I checked the trunk – nothing.  I then looked under the hood and there stood this kitten.  I reached down and lifted him out.  He was fine – but he had sat there the whole way up to work in the morning, didn’t move all day (including when I ran the lunchtime errand), and stayed put until I pulled him out in the evening around 7 pm.  This picture of him was taken when we got back home yesterday evening.

Jamaican Crafts and Buildings

In March I traveled to Catadupa, Jamaica (St. James Parish) after flying into Montego Bay.  I traveled with several other men to a convention at the Church of God there.  It was a very nice time, and I met a lot of wonderful people.  There is so much talent in Jamaica including great singers, builders, and craftsmen.  One man who I bought some souvenirs from, Bobby Campbell, asked that I post his information and phone number online, so I told him I would include him in a blog post.  Below are the two items that I bought from him.  They are hummingbirds.  One of them is a Red-billed streamertail, Jamaica’s national bird.

Bobby Campbell:  876-544-5401

Red-billed Streamertail, Jamaica’s National Bird

Carved Jamaican Hummingbird

This is a church building that we traveled to see. The pastor drove us for about two hours to get there.  The building is made completely of concrete. The floors are tile, and the ceiling is hardwood. The pastor is a builder and so built it himself with help from a few other men. It was beautiful.

The Sanctuary

The ceiling