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Aromas That Lift You

We left the children at my mother’s, who was planning to feed them supper.  I was a little slower than everyone else going into the house.  When I went in, my youngest son was coming back to the front door to tell me, “I smelled something good.  It was so good it made me float into the kitchen!”

Are you SIRI-ous? (2)

I stopped after work to buy feed for our guineas.  I bought a 50 pound bag of something called “Scratch Grains” (cracked corn and other grains).  After loading it in the trunk and getting in the car, I asked SIRI to “Remind me, when I get home, to unload the scratch grains”:


The logic of a child

This morning our oldest son woke up with a cold.  Our youngest son asked me whether he could get sick if his older brother breathed on him.  I said yes.  The youngest then asked whether his older brother would get well if HE (the younger) breathed on HIM (the older).  Welllllll, no, it doesn’t work like that!

Better Be Sure

My youngest son asked me:  If you don’t want to marry a woman, are you just ” ‘posed to run out of the building”?  I asked him where in the world he saw or heard of something like that.  He said, “I saw it in Bugs Bunny.”

If all you had to eat . . .

My youngest son frequently likes to clean the dirt from between his toes.  During a recent cleaning session he asked me (out of the blue and with a straight face):  “Daddy, if all you had to eat was the dirt from between your toes, would you eat it?”

He likes to take pictures on the iPod Touch, and he sometimes gets himself; I think he probably does this by accidentally engaging the rear-facing camera.  Anyway, here’s one he took recently.  (Maybe he was thinking about eating the dirt from between his toes.)