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The logic of a child

This morning our oldest son woke up with a cold.  Our youngest son asked me whether he could get sick if his older brother breathed on him.  I said yes.  The youngest then asked whether his older brother would get well if HE (the younger) breathed on HIM (the older).  Welllllll, no, it doesn’t work like that!

Better Be Sure

My youngest son asked me:  If you don’t want to marry a woman, are you just ” ‘posed to run out of the building”?  I asked him where in the world he saw or heard of something like that.  He said, “I saw it in Bugs Bunny.”

If all you had to eat . . .

My youngest son frequently likes to clean the dirt from between his toes.  During a recent cleaning session he asked me (out of the blue and with a straight face):  “Daddy, if all you had to eat was the dirt from between your toes, would you eat it?”

He likes to take pictures on the iPod Touch, and he sometimes gets himself; I think he probably does this by accidentally engaging the rear-facing camera.  Anyway, here’s one he took recently.  (Maybe he was thinking about eating the dirt from between his toes.)

Embarcadero XE2 Rollout

Yesterday I attended the Embarcadero XE2 conference in Arlington, Virginia.  I’m still trying to determine if it would be worthwhile to upgrade from Delphi 2006.  I really like the LiveBindings implementation and FireMonkey, but I didn’t hear a single reference to MVC.  I also asked if they have the capability to define the object model and then migrate it into a database schema automatically as you can do with Django/Python, and the answer was No.  If they would implement this easy database creation functionality that is available via Django, as well as Better GUI Separation and Abstraction , i.e. MVC, then the upgrade decision would be easy.