Another Poem by my Nephew: Remembering Pearl Harbor

This one was written for an English quiz.  Quite good, I think, especially for having to produce within a small amount of time.  When he told me about it, I told him about one of his/our relatives, Vernon Swain, who was a Pearl Harbor survivor.

All was peaceful on that day
Before the planes flew in,
Not an hour later, we didn’t know
If we could begin again.
Friends, neighbors, comrades lost
To Japan’s destructive hand,
That night, on my knees, I mourned for those
Lost on sea and on land.
Now, fifty years later, I write these words,
Maybe they can read them on the wings of the birds.
Now, fifty years later, the anniversary
Of that day which shall live in infamy,
I pay tribute to those who lost their lives
So that today I might still survive.
And as we honor those lost, I still pray yet
That we should never repeat and never forget.