An Interesting Poem about Trigonometry by One of my Nephews

Today one of my nephews shared with me this poem that he wrote in his free time.  He recently had to write a poem for one of his classes, but he wasn’t even required to write this poem.  I told him that I would really like to teach him to like trigonometry because, apparently, he finds it more than a little troublesome!

I would like to explain my hatred degree,
Of that ruinous subject called trigonometry.
The epitome of sorrow, despair, and grief,
I may as well be a crumpled up old dry leaf
It is a darkness that covers my every waking day,
When all I want is to go out and play;
But no, that terror holds me in my room,
Writing down problems of impending doom.
Radians and degrees invade my mind,
It becomes a blur. O have I gone blind?
For I cannot tell between real and unknown.
O how can I tell between real and unknown?
My thoughts have been put in a blender and whirled,
I wish I were back in Walt Disney World!
But for now, I guess, I’ll wait on my knees,
While I ponder and cry over trigonometry.