Wave Accounting: I HIGHLY recommend it!

I’ve been very busy lately, but I just had to take a minute and write about Wave Accounting. Wave is an online accounting app (their new domain name is www.waveapps.com).  I watched Wave Accounting for about a year before I finally decided to go with it for my small business this year (switching from QuickBooks Simple Start).  I discovered early this year that Wave had gotten the interface to my bank working (so that transactions download automatically) and that they had also built an account reconciliation function.  Incredibly, this software is free to use (including allowing one or more collaborators such as an accountant or business partner) until you need payroll.  This model strikes me as extremely logical.  Even when implemented, payroll is very cost-effective.  The best thing about the software is the outstanding design and how easy it is to use.  Also, it is particularly good for small business owners because it includes a personal accounting section as well.  I can’t recommend this product highly enough.